Niho Oki Kit



Niho Oki (Hawaiian Utility Knife) PREMIUM WORKSHOP is taught by master craftsman: Umi Kai of the Kai Kompany.

He has prepared special kits that include the items you need to complete this workshop.

The kit comes with 5 items:
-Pre cut and drilled wood handle.
-Pre drilled shark tooth
-Twist tie
-Small bamboo stick

Tools and Supplies Haumana/Student must provide on their own:
-Rasp and file or electric grinder / sander -Sandpaper 80, 150, 220 grit
Kumu will demonstrate shaping with the rasp and file but because of time restraints finishes with electric

-Oil needed for final step. You can use coconut or Kukui to wipe on the la'au (wood).

We do offer pre-packaged kukui oil for purchase, see H5-OIL

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