Maori Fabric



Each package contains 1 piece: 72" x 45" (2 yards) as well as translation of design & colors.
Pattern/Colors match item M7 Maori Headband .
Fabric piece designed to be very versatile or it can be used in full like sample photo (note: black extensions sewn to dress to give length).

**Fabric can be cut for numerous costumes:
Cut multiple 12” x 12” squares of the center design for female bodices
Fabric Borders can be used for male sash, waistbands, cut diamonds out for child front piece, make your own headbands, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Mahalo to designers: Keepa and Rosina Smith Directors of the TE REREARANGI MAORI GROUP of Sydney, Australia.

The fabric utilizes the traditional Maori colors: Red (Power & Love). White (Purity, the Heavens) and Black (Maturity).

The small triangles represent the Niho Taniwha - Shark Tooth. It is symbolic of the gathering of the people/ancestors or the four winds. The large triangles represent the Patiki - Flounder/fish. This symbolizes the ability to provide, not only for the family, but for the 'iwi or people/nation.

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