Be advised: New prices effective Feb 1, 2019, due to the increased ipu farm/grower fees. Thank you for your understanding.

Single hand-held calabash gourd with a natural varnish finish and white cording to secure to wrist.
Size is determined by measuring the ipu's circumference at the widest point. Note: ipu are not sold by height!

Gourds are a naturally grown product. Each one has its own shape and size, along with natural blemishes and color tones. This however brings character to each ipu and allows for its owner to recognize and bond with their instrument!

X-Small (less than 22" around) - $32.00 ** for keiki ages 3-5 years old
Small (22"- 24" around) - $39.00
Medium (25"- 27" around) - $43.00
Large (28"- 32" around) - $47.00
XLarge (33"+) - $57.00 (CALL TO PLACE ORDER)

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