Ti Leaf Skirt



Artificial hula silk ti leaf skirt with DRAWSTRING closure.

Child Skirt : 23" W x 14" L (25 Leaves) (fits young child, approximately 5 years old -- note measurements)

Teen Skirt: 32" W x 20" L (32 leaves - note measurements)

Adult Skirt : 38" W x 25" L (~37 Leaves)
Package of additional loose leaves used to extend the skirt (H16S) can be found by clicking HERE.

Dancer is adorned with:
Mini Fernband (extra full) - pinned to the front (not pulled around head) (L19XF)
Ali'i Maile kupe'e (L4AW)
Ivory kukui choker (L6CIV)
Ilima Solid Pa'u Top (PA4A)

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