Skirt Banding



Banding service includes placing a 2" fabric band over a hau skirt or artificial skirt. Made to size with either a velcro only for fringes & artificial skirts and both hook & eye/velcro closure for full Tahitian skirts. This cost is in addition to the price of the actual hau skirt / Artificial skirt material. Anything over 36" will be charged $35 for banding PLUS the cost of the extra inches of skirt material. This "extra skirting" is already figured out for you in the cost of the banding service, so there is no need to purchase any additional skirts (just one skirt per band).

If you are wanting a DOUBLE LAYER SKIRT -- please order the necessary number of skirts per layer and upon closing your order, message us with special instructions. Please call us with any questions!

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