Beautiful, detachable feather tops to be used with the unfeathered gourds (H3); Easily removeable for travel, storage or to change colors to match a song or costume. "Standard" color is red on the outside with a yellow center . Prices are for the standard red w/ yellow center.

Small - $78.00 pair
Medium - $87.00 pair
Large - $93.00 pair

Custom Uli Uli caps in 2 color combinations (H2TT), Solid color (H2S), Pie-cut (H2P), Multi-color (H2M) and Natural feather with tapa center styles (H2MN) are available.

Be advised that these are handmade right here in our warehouse. There may be a delay in shipment depending on where we are in production. Mahalo for your patience as we hand make these items for you.

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